Mitzvah Projects with Dogs for People

Help dogs help people in Israel with your mitzvah projects!

Looking for unique bar or bat mitzvah project ideas? We are here to help you! Dogs for People is the perfect organization to partner with for you bar mitzvah tzedakah project. If you love dogs, love helping people, and want to make a real difference, we invite you to raise funds to sponsor a Dogs for People dog and help us provide dog-assisted therapy to at-risk and special needs children and youth.
We work with a crowdfunding platform to help you raise money for your project. Family and friends can donate on your personalized fundraising page, writing you messages of encouragement and congratulations. Together, we can help more dogs help more people! Click here for more information about setting up your very own bar/bat mitzvah chesed project crowdfunding campaign!

Dog Mitzvah Projects
Some unique bar and bat mitzvah project ideas that you can organize alongside the crowdfunding campaign to help raise awareness and funds for Dogs for People include:
– A dog training lesson
– A dog walkathon
– Volunteering to walk dogs in return for donations
– Selling dog treats
Do you have a good bar mitzvah project idea that isn’t listed here? We would love for you to be in touch so we can help you plan your project!
We hope you choose Dogs for People for your mitzvah project, we would love to work with you to make your project your own. Mazel tov!


Mitzvah Project Spotlight:

Watch this space for stories about past successful mitzvah projects. Get ideas and get inspired!
Rachael Hosseinof raised over $1,900 for Dogs for People in honor of her bat mitzvah! Rachael was inspired to do her mitzvah project with Dogs for People because of her “warm, cuddly, super cute, fluffy and fun” dog named Ginger. She explained that Dogs for People is important to her because she “loves animals and helping the world”, and because Ginger is so special to her. “When she wags her tail and looks at me with her big, brown eyes, my heart jumps with happiness. I want everyone to feel that joy,” Rachael shared.
Through emails to family and friends, and facebook posts shared by her mom, Rachael received an overwhelming number of donations and good wishes from her supporters.
Dogs for People wishes Rachael and her family a huge Mazel tov, and thanks Rachael for her dedication to her mitzvah project. Your support has made a real difference.


“Doing chesed is good, it makes me feel good, and I want everyone to do something to help. I am very grateful to the people who gave money to this organization and supported me for my Bat Mitzvah. I hope more people will hear about this organization and continue to help this cause.” – Rachael Hosseinof


To set up your own unique mitzvah campaign, click here for more information!