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Rescuing Dogs That Rescue People

Dogs for People is a non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience providing dog-assisted therapy to at-risk and special needs children and youth. Over the years, we developed a treatment model called DogTime, combining healing and rehabilitation techniques with a therapeutic method of training and working with dogs.

Dogs for People is a pioneering organization in its field, and is dedicated to promoting, regulating, and developing the field of dog-assisted therapy in Israel. Over the past decade, Dogs for People has treated more than 20,000 children, youth and adults.

Unique Work Model – Cycle Of Giving

We rescue dogs from shelters before being euthanized and bring them to our therapy kennel to be trained as loved as therapy dogs. We started with four dogs. Now, there are more than 100 dogs who have gone through our “cycle of giving”.

The dogs go through a special rehabilitation and training process in our kennel with the assistance of at-risk youth and individuals with special needs. The process is beneficial for the both sides as they enjoy the unique therapy qualities of the human – canine bond.  

Our rescued, rehabilitated and trained dogs are now ready to accompany our skilled instructors to dog-assisted therapy activities across the country. We do dog-assisted therapy in a variety of settings including at special needs and autistic facilities, at-risk youth centers, and senior citizen homes. We also work with high school students studying canine studies, PTSD patients and more.  

In the last phase, after the dogs had experienced a variety of different therapy settings and are now qualified therapy dogs, we find them a new home where they can enjoy the rest of their lives as well-adjusted dogs to their new family’s needs.

We Need Your Help

Dogs for People Mitzvah Tzedakah Projects
We would be honored for you to partner with Dogs for People for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tzedakah project. We encourage Bar/Bat Mitzvahs who love dogs and love helping people to adopt Dogs for People as their Mitzvah project. We invite you to raise funds to sponsor a Dogs for People dog and help us provide dog-assisted therapy to at-risk and special needs children and youth. Some fun events that you can organize to help raise awareness and funds include a dog training lesson, a dog walkathon, volunteering to walk dogs in return for donations, or selling dog treats.
We work with a crowdfunding platform to help you raise money for your project. Together, we can help more dogs help more people! Click here for more information about setting up your very own bar/bat mitzvah tzedakah project campaign!